Are standing desks as healthy as some claim?

So, you must have heard or seen the new standing desk tendency which has been hailed as a healthier way to work or study by many. Well, as it turns out, this theory may not be exactly true. In fact, there have been claims that standing all day instead of sitting could actually cause more harm than benefits to the body and overall health.

DeskThe majority of people who dig the standing desk idea believe the theories that the more a person spends sitting, the greater the risk of dying, no matter whether they are otherwise active and have a healthy diet. The sedentary lifestyle leads to a greater risk for the health according to them.

But, let’s think about it – how can standing all day be healthier than sitting on your desk? If you spend all day standing, this can actually cause spine compression and back problems, plus an increased risk of developing varicose veins on the legs and even vein thrombosis.

Plus, whether sitting or standing, it is unhealthy to stay in one pose without moving in any case. The body needs to move, so switching positions is very important for your health. For the best results people should switch between sitting and standing throughout the day.

It is also interesting to know that studies have found that the brain can perform more complicated tasks when a person is sitting down, which is why some surgeries, and some complicated tasks and work are always performed sitting down. So, depending on what your job is, standing all day long could actually have a negative effect on the quality and results of your work.

On the other hand, a small study of school children who were placed on standing desks found that the attention span of these children actually improved as compared to when they were sitting, which led to the improvement of the learning experience. Still, the question of whether there is some sort of correlation between better focusing when standing or sitting has not been answered.

If you are a fan of standing desks because of the weight loss and calorie burning benefits, well yes, standing does burn 20% more calories than sitting, but then keep in mind that standing will cause you to get tired quicker than if you sit, and this can prove to harm your performance and productivity at work.

But nevertheless, there are undeniable benefits of using a standing desk, because standing can improve the overall posture of the body and lower the risk of muscle strain, joint and ligament wear and tear or other conditions which we can develop as a result of long years of sitting on an uncomfortable chair, or without moving periodically.

To get the maximum benefit from standing while working or studying, you must ensure that you have a good posture. Specialists in podiatry as well as chiropractors have suggested that women who choose to stand while working should avoid wearing high heels, in order to reduce the stress in the joints and ligaments of the legs and feet.

Also, you should make sure that you concentrate your weight to the heels, and that the ankles are at a pelvis-distance from one another, in order to ensure that you are standing in a healthy posture.

The best suggestion to stay healthy and fit while working or studying, is to keep moving, and possibly try switching from sitting and standing positions throughout the day.

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