Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat ali, Pasak bumi, Long Jack)

Eurycoma longifolia is a tree which grows in Malaysia and the neighboring regions, which has bark and roots used as aphrodisiacs in Malaysia. It is a natural remedy for erectile dysfunctions, low libido and is also used for reducing high blood pressure, curing syphilis and even as a treatment for certain forms of cancer.

Eurycoma longifolia - photoThis Malaysian natural aphrodisiac has a strong effect on the production of testosterone in men. Taken on a regular basis, this herbal supplement will lead to an overall long-lasting improvement of the sexual functions in men.

There is research which has proven that Eurycoma longifolia can actually improve and increase the production of testosterone, which is the essential sex hormone regulating sexual libido and performance as well as fertility in men. Testosterone induces the buildup of body mass as well.

So, in a way Eurycoma longifolia makes men more youthful and can help battle depression as well. It has been found to successfully boost the libido and enhance sexual performance of around 90% of the men and women who take it regularly.

Its power to boost the sexual drive and performance is the reason why this herb is an active ingredient in many of the herbal aphrodisiac supplements available on the market today.

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