The right fiber to fuel your good gut microbes could be crucial for your health

Good gut microbes are crucial for our overall health, so it is important to “feed” them with the appropriate foods, namely fiber. According to scientific research, adding more fiber to one’s diet improves the microbial profile directly linked to obesity, and this eventually leads to a leaner physique and better health.

veggies-390269_1280Also, it has been found that if insufficient amounts of fiber are consumed, these good and healthy microbes actually become “starved” and can start feeding themselves from the mucus lining of the gut, which can lead to very serious health conditions.

According to the findings of a research team from Stanford’s Sonnenberg lab, the proper diet is key to regulating and changing the microbiota.

The best fiber for the good gut microbes are those found in a wide variety of vegetables and whole grains, which are capable of resisting the enzymes in the digestive system and can move through to the large intestine whole, where the good and healthy microbes can feed on them.

By extracting the good nutrients and energy from these fibers, these microbes add to a general improvement of the health, strengthening of the immune system, protection against obesity and certain inflammation processes in the body.

The problem though is that today’s diet typical for the Western world is very poor in fiber and includes a mere average of 15 grams of good fiber per day. This has shifted drastically through the years, because in prehistoric times when humans were hunters and gatherers, the supposed consumption of this type of fiber must have been at least 10 times more than the current one.

But fear not, according to a new comparative nutrition research from the University of Illinois, just one fiber rich snack bar a day can make the difference and can improve your microbial profile in a couple of weeks.

Whether you choose to eat a fiber rich snack or add some natural fiber to your daily diet, it is bound to have a good effect, and to feed the healthy microbes in the gut.

BroccoliUnfortunately, the best natural sources of the cellulose and fiber which is essential for our better health and leaner body are naturally found mainly in parts of vegetables and plants which we tend to throw away, such as the carrot peels, broccoli stalks, the tops of the leeks, and the bottom parts of celery and asparagus. Some other excellent natural sources are: Jerusalem artichoke, chicory root, leeks, white onions, raspberries and other delicious veggies and fruits.

So, it is never too late to add some more fiber to keep your healthy gut microbes happy, and thus to keep your body healthy and lean too.

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