A precursor of nitric oxide in the body, this amino acid is an essential compound which helps the body to function properly and namely it ensures healthy circulation of the blood. L-arginine is essential both for male and female sexuality, because it is the nitric oxide which allows for sufficient blood flow into the penis necessary for an erection and in the clitoris in women for extra sexual sensations.

L-arginine helps relax the muscles in the genital area, which allows for a dilation of the blood vessels, which supply the penis and clitoris with blood.

The more blood enters the penis, the larger, harder and more frequent the erections are.

L-arginine has a analogous effect on women too, by making the vagina, the clitoris and the area around them more sensitive and responsive to stimulation. This amino acid has been found to successfully increase female libido and sexual response during the menopause.

L-arginine increases the intensity of the sensitivity in the genital areas, and thus increases the intensity of the orgasms in both sexes.

L-arginine is also a fertility booster, improving both the sperm count and the sperm motility in men. There has been actual research performed in the UK, which proved that L-arginine has a powerful effect on men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Over 30 percent of the men who had been given L-arginine for a period of 6 months reported dramatic improvement of their sexual performance. The levels of nitric oxide in their organism had also risen by the end of the trial.

The downside is that L-arginine can help men suffering from erectile dysfunction because of lowered nitric oxide levels only, and not so much in the other cases, when men have erectile dysfunction because of another underlying health condition (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, hormonal imbalance, etc.).

Apart as a sexual enhancer and fertility booster, L-arginine also helps boost the immune system, helps the buildup of body mass, stimulates the production of the human growth hormone, improves blood pressure levels, prompts a faster recovery of patients who suffered a heart attack, lowers the risk of blood clots and prevents cardiovascular diseases, also helps the reduction of some cancers.

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