Medicinal properties of Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens)

The fruits of Saw palmetto, also known as a cabbage palm or dwarf palm tree, are commonly used as a natural cure for problems with the prostate gland, including: benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and enlarged prostate. Saw palmetto has also been found to help bladder disorders, hormonal imbalances and chronic pelvic pain as well.

It is considered a natural aphrodisiac by many, as it boosts the sex drive and improves the sexual performance in men. Some men also take it to reduce or stop hair loss as well.

As men age, many of them start experiencing problems with their prostates. They experience difficulty and pain while urinating, as well as sexual dysfunctions.

The swelling of the prostate causes not only discomfort, but can lead to some very serious medical conditions including benign prostatic hypertrophy or prostate cancer. This is why, men around the world turn to a variety of medical and natural resources to manage and treat the prostate growth.

One of the most popular natural remedies for problems with enlarged prostate glands is Saw palmetto. It has been found by clinical studies, that Saw palmetto contains substances, which stop the conversion process of the male sex hormone testosterone into DHT.

Since benign prostatic hypertrophy is so common amongst aging men and the fact that it causes discomfort, pain and can cause more serious conditions, research has been performed around the world to find a way to prevent, control or stop this growth.

One research has found that Saw palmetto has the ability to relieve the symptoms of difficult urination, as well as the frequency of nighttime urination in men with BPH by inhibiting a hormonal balancing activity in the prostate, and because it has an anti-inflammatory effect as well.

Overall, the hormone modulating effect of this herb is why it is chosen by a growing number of aging people, who want to remain youthful and slow down the process of aging plus the age-related health conditions and diseases. Saw palmetto does this by helping balance the hormones in the human body.

Apart from the positive effect on the prostate, as well as on slowing down aging, Saw palmetto is also good for preventing and treating hair loss in men (androgenic alopecia).

Herbal supplements with both beta-sitosterol and saw palmetto are used for treatment of BPH.

Saw palmetto is an ingredient in ProCalisX and Stallion XL (herbal remedies for treating erectile dysfunction).

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