ProCalisX pills review – herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction and powerful sexual performance booster

ProCalisX Herbal Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction

ProCalisX is an all-natural supplement made of a combination of herbs and vitamins, which not only act as natural aphrodisiacs for men, but also target the underlying health or other problems causing erectile dysfunction or other sexual performance problems in men of all ages.

The ingredients of ProCalisX are all natural, and include:

  • Saw Palmetto – an herb containing sterols and fatty acids essential for normalizing hormone levels in the prostate gland, essential for proper prostate function. It has been known as a natural aphrodisiac for ages, and is known not only to increase the testicles, but to decrease inflammation and enlargement of the prostate, which is why it is used for treating nonmalignant prostate enlargement (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia). Saw Palmetto boosts the libido and sperm production, and also helps for boosting the stamina and sexual endurance in men. By helping achieve a proper balance of the male sex hormones, Saw Palmetto also allows for improvement of the fertility and reproductive system in men.
  • Ginkgo Biloba has been used by the ancient Chinese dynasties as a natural aphrodisiac, and as a natural way to resolve problems with sexual function, by enhancing the ability to achieve and maintain an erection through improving the blood circulation to the penis. Gingko Biloba is extracted from the Chinese Ginkgo tree and contains powerful antioxidants (flavonoids and terpenoid lactones), which enhance the relaxation of the blood vessels in the sex organs, and thus a freer flow and boost of blood flow and overall circulation, allowing for a firmer and more enduring erection.
  • Guarana seed extract – the extract from the seeds of this delicious exotic fruit grown in the Amazon basin, has been used for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac. The guarine found in seeds is a long-lasting active ingredient, which enhances the stimulation of sexual function, increases libido, stamina and endurance, allows for better blood circulation and an overall enhancement of sexual performance.
  • Epimedium is also known as Horny Goat Weed, and an extract from its leaves is used to enhance libido, resolve erectile dysfunction, helps fight off fatigue, and also has the magical function to enhance the mood, increase stamina and improve the production of better quality and quantity sperm.
  • Maca is a well-known herbal aphrodisiac originally from Peru, which contains 55 natural beneficial phytochemicals used ever since the ancient Incas to boost energy and stamina and increase libido. Maca is known to boost overall energy and helps balance the hormones in the body.
  • Niacin is one of the Vitamin B complexes (Vitamin B3), which improves the circulation of blood to the sex organs, provokes the release of histamines, which enhance the mucous secretion in the genital organs, improving sexual function.
  • Vitamin B6 is yet another part of the essential Vitamin B complex group. It improves and increases the libido in both sexes, and helps flush out the plaque from blood vessels, allowing for a better blood flow to the penis. It is especially useful for improving erectile dysfunction in men with high LDL cholesterol.
  • L-arginine is a semi essential amino acid and is probably the most efficient natural libido booster for men. It is vital for the man’s ability to attain an erection and maintain it as well, since it enhances blood flow to the penis and it is even known to improve the quality and quantity of sperm produced.
  • L-Phenylalanine is another amine modulating male libido and aggressive behavior.

The reasons and causes for erectile dysfunction can be both physical and psychological, and depending on the cause for this disturbing but common problem in men, especially those over the age of 40, various treatments and medications are now available to treat it.

ProCalisX – instant firm erections naturally

ProCalisX is probably the best choice for men of all ages, who are experiencing problems with achieving and maintaining an erection, or who simply want to boost their sexual performance, without having to get a prescription or paying a load of money.

The best news is that only about 30 minutes after you have left the ProCalisX capsule to dissolve under your tongue, you will feel it working. The effect of this all natural and perfectly safe sexual enhancing supplement can last for up to 24 hours after the intake.

Another important reason why ProCalisX has become ever so popular among men around the world is that it is all organic, and lacks the sometimes serious and even fatal side effects of the popular pharmaceuticals for sexual enhancement available on the market.

Composed entirely of herbs and vitamins, ProCalisX can be taken on a regular basis, without the fear of experiencing negative side effects.

Also, it is targeted toward the resolution of the underlying problem for the erectile dysfunction as well. This means, that not only will it work to stimulate the erection and performance, but it can resolve the underlying problem causing the sexual dysfunction as well.

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