Reasons for infertility in men and how to improve the chances of conception

About one in every ten couples in the US has some fertility related problem.

Some shocking medical findings have concluded that today infertility issues with younger couples are commonly due to lack of enough education and knowledge about sex, as well as the increased stress and disinterest in sex they are exposed to in the modern world.

At the same time, women are postponing having children to their 30’s and 40’s, which too decreases the chances of achieving a normal conception without some sort of medical or pharmaceutical intervention.

The reasons for a couple to be unable to conceive a child can be equally the fault of women and men, thus the urban legend that infertility is a women’s problem is long gone and busted. This is why it is important that when a couple is fearing they have problems with the ability to conceive, they should both get checked up by their doctors, since in many cases there are issues in both partners which may be causing the problems. In fact, in the US it is found that one third of the cases of problems with infertility are traced to the women, and another third of the cases to the man. The majority of the cases (two thirds) involved problems with both partners.

30 percent of the men suffer from a condition where the veins in the scrotum become enlarged and cause the sperm to be affected because of the heat produced by the enlarged blood vessels. This is known as varicocele.

This condition can affect the fertility of the men, but so can some bad habits, as well as other factors, including: smoking and alcohol abuse, recreational drugs or certain medications, previous illness.

Often hormonal imbalances cause problems with male infertility, and most commonly the reason is the low testosterone levels.

Low testosterone in men can cause not only fertility problems, but also erectile dysfunction, fatigue and depression. Low testosterone can result from aging and entering the andropause, or can be a result of other factors, including: testicle injuries, testicle cancer, infections and inflammations, statins and other prescribed medications, kidney or liver disease, type II diabetes, obesity, HIV or other conditions.

There are testosterone replacement therapies, but also there are some natural methods, which men can try to boost their testosterone levels as well.

One tip which andrology experts recommend for the natural improvement of testosterone production and increasing its levels in the male body is to lose any extra weight the man has. Losing that extra weight will improve testosterone production. Men who want to boost the production of testosterone should choose to eat a healthy diet, with fewer processed foods and more natural and fresh ones. They should try to stick to eating healthy fats, such as olive oil or coconut oil.

Staying away from sugar, and eating fruits in moderation instead, will keep insulin and blood sugar levels normal, as well as the hormone levels, blood pressure and obesity under control too.

Limiting the consumption of milk and dairy products is also recommended, along with the grains and refined carbs, such as cereals and other processed foods too is said to improve the testosterone production.

Another recommendation for the natural increase of the testosterone production in men is to engage in short but intensive exercise on a regular basis. Short intense exercises are found to boost testosterone production, and a sample 20 minute routine will include eight series of warming up, followed by 30 second strenuous exercise and then cooling down for 90 seconds. Only in 20 minutes, will the testosterone levels improve. If you prefer, you can engage in strength training, which too is found to improve testosterone levels. Doing this on a regular basis will increase the chances of conception in men.

Another tip for the natural increase of testosterone production in men is the consumption of zinc. This mineral is essential for the production of testosterone, and its regular consumption improves the testosterone levels in men. Zinc is contained naturally in fresh meat, fish, beans, kefir or fresh milk. You can always get your daily supply of 40 milligrams of zinc by taking a mineral supplement.

Apart from zinc, Vitamin D is also crucial for the sufficient production of testosterone in men. It is also vital for the production of healthy and sufficient sperm. Spending enough time in the sun, eating foods rich in Vitamin D, or simply taking a Vitamin D supplements will improve the quality and quantity of the sperm produced and will boost the libido in men.

Another natural way to improve the testosterone production and increase the chances of conception and improve the sexual drive in men is to increase the intake of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) contained in whey protein and quality dairy foods and cheeses.

As in any other problem related to hormonal imbalances, it is recommended that stress is reduced and eliminated, because the cortisol caused by the stress blocks the production of testosterone in men and sex hormones in women as well. This is why, men who are trying to conceive need to find a way to reduce any stress, sleep sufficiently and be more relaxed.

Another natural way to improve testosterone production in men, and improve their fertility is by using some herbs or special natural supplements, such as Conceive For Him, which are tested and known to improve both the sex drive but also the fertility and chances of conceiving. Asking their partners to take the Conceive For Her at the same time will increase the couple’s ability to conceive sooner.

Some pharmaceuticals and genetic conditions can also lower a man’s testosterone score. Aging does contribute to low scores. In some cases, the cause is unknown.

If the problem cannot be resolved naturally, the doctors might recommend testosterone replacement therapy, injections or other medical treatment to improve the chances of conceiving in men with low testosterone levels.

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