Vitamin B3 (Niacin, Nicotinic acid, vitamin PP)

Part of the Vitamin B complex group, niacin (Vitamin B3, Vitamin PP) is naturally found in fish, poultry and whole grains, and can help restore sexual function to men who suffer from erectile dysfunction caused by high levels of bad cholesterol, which is preventing the proper blood flow to the penis.

Niacin boosts the processing of the fat in the body and thus leads to a lowering of the bad LDL cholesterol. It is the higher amounts of bad cholesterol which leads to the clogging of blood vessels, and can not only cause strokes or heart attacks, but also may lead to the inability to get and maintain an erection as well. There has been research performed which proved that niacin actually can help men with high cholesterol and erectile dysfunctions after taking the niacin supplements for about 12 weeks.

Niacin also boosts the production of sex and other hormones by stimulating the adrenal gland to produce more and this too helps enhance sexual desire and sexual performance.

Niacin is also used for the popular niacin flush detoxing, which is an increased blood supply to the smallest blood vessels in the body and especially the skin, leading to the “flushing out” of toxins from the skin.

Vitamin B3 is an ingredient commonly used in natural remedies to treat erectile dysfunction.

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