What are the safe ways to detox your organism?

Although many of the commercial detox and cleansing methods, which have become widely popular recently, have not been FDA approved and are considered unhealthy and even dangerous by medical experts and nutritionists, detox is not a bad thing overall. In fact, it is a good idea to perform a healthy body detox from time to time.

Just like a thorough “spring cleaning” of your house, your body too needs to be flushed out of all the harmful toxins you may have accumulated by eating and drinking the wrong kinds of foods and beverages, and all other harmful substances it may have been exposed to via smoking, household cleaning products, pesticides or other environmental factors.

By performing a healthy body detox, you can ensure it is given a great jumpstart for a healthier diet and lifestyle. This is a great idea for women who are planning a pregnancy and the future fathers will definitely benefit from a good cleansing too.

Detoxification of the body occurs naturally on a daily basis via the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, the lymphatic system and the skin. To boost the process, people around the world perform the so-called fasting at certain periods, usually once a week, once a month or once a year. The period depends on the advancement level of fasting, as well as the overall condition of the person.

Fasting has actually been practiced for ages, because of religious and spiritual beliefs and reasons, but apart from the spiritual and psychological aspect, proper and healthy fasting can help cleanse the body from the harmful substances accumulated through time.

Because during the actual period of fasting, the body functions mainly by burning the stored fat to compensate for the low calorie consumption, this triggers the extraction and flushing out of all toxins and wastes which are stored along with the fat.

This is the actual process of detoxing. Some people prefer to fast once a week (for 24 hours), others would do it for two or three days every month, and those who are experienced in fasting may choose to detox their bodies for an entire week several times a year.

Some fasting purists believe that fasting means consuming water only, but a less-radical approach includes fasting through juicing. This is the act of detoxing the body by consuming only juice from fresh fruits or vegetables. Some nutritionists recommend that during fasting, a cup of boiled brown rice with a few pieces of vegetables is eaten for dinner to provide the necessary fiber necessary for better bowel movements.

Along with the fresh juices, people who want to perform a healthy and effective body detox could increase the cleansing effect by going to the sauna, in order to induce the production of sweat and the flushing of the toxins via the skin as well.

Some natural cleansers and herbal laxatives can also help the body flush out the harmful substances naturally during detox.

Most nutritional experts agree that fasting is definitely not a recommended way to lose weight, simply because, yes you will probably lose some weight when fasting, but it is water weight, and the moment you are back on your normal everyday diet this weight will be packed back on.

Apart from the water only or the juicing detox methods, there are other healthy ways to cleanse your body as well.

One great way to detox your organism is to eat only organic apples for several days, so that the pectin in them can help stimulate the flushing of the toxins from the intestines.

Another great way to start your day when cleansing your body is to drink a glass of purified water with some fresh lemon juice squeezed in it.

Some breathing exercises, including deep breathing will increase the oxygen in the body and will also help flush out the harmful compounds and fight any viruses and bacteria.Broccoli

Some nutritional experts recommend consuming a teaspoon of turmeric every day to help protect the liver and make it function better when detoxing.

A healthy diet made of organic and fresh vegetables will also improve the detoxification effect, because they help the digestive system function better and also provide the necessary nutrients essential to having a healthy organism.

Of course, drinking at least eight 8oz cups of water a day is crucial for the proper flushing of toxins.

Another great tip to induce proper detoxification of the body is to choose some active probiotics to ensure that the intestines are healthy and work properly too.

Some of the well-known “super foods” used for body detoxing include: broccoli, garlic, blueberries, spinach, ginger and cabbage. Eat one of these daily – for better and more effective cleansing of the body!

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