What is erectile dysfunction, what is the prevention and treatment?

To understand the physical side of erectile dysfunction, it is good to know how the most important male sex organ functions. The physiology of the penis includes the corpora cavernosa – two cylinders full of spongy tissue. When the man is sexually aroused, special brain impulses are transmitted through the nervous system to the corpora cavernosa, causing the tissue to relax, which allows more blood to flow in and fill in the spongy tissue. This causes the penis to expand into an erection. In order for the blood to stay in and keep the penis erect, a special membrane keeps the blood inside.

Penis cross section

When the muscles contract and stop the blood flow inside the corpora cavernosa, the blood flow channels open back and the blood flows out, thus the erection is lost.

When one of these biological functions is in some way inhibited, it could cause erectile dysfunction – or the inability to get or keep an erection.

In some men erectile dysfunction occurs only with a certain partner, in others it can happen with any partner even though they are able to get an erection when masturbating, the third type cannot get an erection either through masturbation or via sexual contact. The condition is considered to be actual erectile dysfunction when it persists and lasts for over three months.

Obviously, this dysfunction is a problem for the millions of men affected by this condition. It is more common in men over 40 and very common among men in their 70’s.

An estimated 85-90% of all cases of erectile dysfunction were found to be caused by health conditions (hypertension, diabetes), smoking or obesity.

There are various health conditions which can cause erectile dysfunction.

Cardiovascular problems can cause the inability to get or keep an erection. In fact, erectile dysfunction can be one of the first symptoms that a man has problems with high blood pressure or other cardiovascular issues, which need to be resolved.

Diabetes also often causes erectile dysfunction. The elevated blood sugar of people suffering from diabetes causes damage to the blood vessels and also can cause nerve damage – all this leading to the inability for the proper blood flow and brain signals to reach the corpora cavernosa and enable the man to have an erection.

Kidney disease also can cause this sexual dysfunction in men. Not only the fatigue associated with kidney disease can cause the inability to get and sustain an erection, but also the fact that this serious health condition causes damage to the proper blood circulation, the functioning of the nerves and hormonal imbalance – all of which are crucial for the ability of the man to have a normal erection and orgasm.

Multiple sclerosis is another disease which can cause erectile dysfunction. The damage to the nerves, the fatigue and other physical changes which occur when someone is suffering from MS can stop a man from being properly aroused or reach an orgasm.

Certain thyroid gland problems or other hormonal problems in men can also affect the proper sexual functions, because hormones are key for the healthy sexual functioning in both men and women. Erectile dysfunction is common in men undergoing or who have undergone treatment for enlarged prostate or prostate cancer.

Obesity can cause erectile dysfunction because of the fact that the metabolism slows down, and the hormone levels become imbalanced, the blood vessels get clogged, and the proper blood flow to the penis is hindered. Studies have shown that losing only 10% of the weight will dramatically improve sexual performance in men.

Certain psychological conditions can also be the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction. Some of them include: anxiety, stress, depression or guilt.

There are prescription medications, which can have a negative effect on the proper functioning of the male reproductive organs too. These can include some antidepressants, tranquilizers, drugs for hypertension or allergy related medications (antihistamines).

Erectile dysfunction can be treated in many ways, the first step being treating or eliminating the underlying health condition causing it.

When the condition is not health-related, but is rather of psychological nature, then there are therapies, counseling, self-help, relaxation techniques or other methods available to resolve the possible psychological issues and restoring the normal sexual functioning.

There are certain prescription medications, penile injections, vacuum pumps and even surgeries performed to resolve erectile dysfunction, or help men cope with it. They too have their pros and cons though.

A natural way to help enhance sexual performance without any dangerous side effects is to use the all-natural herbal supplements, such as ProCalisX or Stallion XL, which are readily available over the counter, and at very reasonable prices.

By taking these supplements, and making a few lifestyle changes, a healthy man can restore his sexual abilities to a maximum performance. By cutting down on fatty, sugary and processed foods, drinking in moderation, quitting smoking, doing some moderate exercising and enjoying relaxation methods of his choice, and treating any health conditions which may be causing the problem, a man can be able to once more experience the pleasure of sex and bring back the satisfaction and intimacy so crucial for any relationship!

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